Join our community - we inspire wonder, bridge communities and foster opportunities via creation of collaborative experimental artworks, since 2008. Our flagship project is the Music Box Village.

New Orleans Airlift is led by a group of artists specializing in out-sized, people-powered projects. We create spectacles, performances, and public art works that draw people together, from street processions, to a vehicle rally, and from masked balls, to a shrimp boat ballet. Our village of musical architecture is played by Thurston Moore, Solange Knowles, Peaches, Mannie Fresh and Norah Jones to name a few, out of hundreds of musicians and non-musicians creating experimental sound... We get weird with it while wearing our hearts on our sleeves, like the time we put the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra on shrimp and oyster boats for an aquatic spectacle that fused new and traditional music, procession, water culture, and pageantry while galvanizing listeners to save Louisiana’s coast. Or the time we brought together to royalty of New Orleans’ Bounce scene and NYC Vogue world together for a bounce vs vogue Masquerade Ball in an ancient wax museum in the French Quarter. That same weekend we then asked our guests from the House of Mizrahi to judge a choreographed vehicle rally that included souped-up car clubs, an all-female motorcycle club, urban horse riding clubs, punks on tall-bikes and a 60-and-up bike riding crew. Categories included things like Most Futuristic, and our flag girls were the Prancing Elites - the African-American, gay and gender non-conforming dance team from Mobile, AL. It was as hot as it was heart-warming. Started in 2011 as a one-time experiment, the Music Box Village is a collaborative juggernaut of a project that exemplifies interactive musical architecture. This ode to our city has travelled as far as Kiev, Ukraine and as close as Shreveport, LA. Turns out a musical house works everywhere. In 2016, we accomplished our long-held dream of creating a permanent site for the Music Box in New Orleans. World-class musicians now visit to create orchestral shows with up to thirty curated star performers from New Orleans and beyond. The Music Box Village also hosts a mix of experimental performance residencies, education initiatives including an autism classroom, and open public hours for free play and exploration. New Orleans is the last great bastion of living folk cuture in the United States. With us on Drip, you can help our projects thrive in these dynamic traditions, while connecting our communities in meaningful ways. The Village and our fabrication shop/office are located on two acres next to the levee in the Bywater. Stay tuned as we dream up other ambitious, collaborative artistic projects, both in New Orleans and afar.

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