Celebrating the first Prospect.4 Artist Party with Airlift!

Published on 2017-12-20

We assembled a multigenerational chorus of formidable female & femme talents for a call and response performance across the Music Box Village - over 900 attendees joined us!
Airlift will be hosting & directing our intentionally collaborative composing and presenting process in 2018, to bring you more from our New Orleans powerhouse women and more special guest artists, working together to create something new.

This is the last "free sample" video we can release - SIGN UP NOW to directly support the next one, coming out in the next two weeks, and to keep this effort alive! Our goal is 200 supporters so please tell your friends, and forward this link!!

Click back in the Drip to see our full Artist Statement for the Village-wide temporary installation shown here....

Documentation and Video Edit by Lindsey Phillips