Founding Period's End + Drip AMA

Published on 2018-04-06

Dear birds,

What a wild couple of weeks it's been! The Founding Period of this Drip is now concluded. Thank you all so much for joining! 

The final count of Founding Members is 185. This means that in the next few days I'll be assembling materials to post the following things:

- 3 signed chapbooks of "The Truth About Owls"

- 35 signed broadsheets of "Ce Qu'on Dit du Vent" / "What Is Said of the Wind"

I'll use a random number generator to designate 38 winners, email them for postal addresses, and if all's in order the mailings should go out by the end of next week -- which happens to be when Mercury's retrograde ends, so here's hoping the post will be speedy. 

In other news, Drip aggregated the tweets from the AMA they did with me! You can find their questions and my answers all handily together here.

Thank you all so much, again, for subscribing. I'm so grateful for your support of my work, and so excited to write new things here!