Youth-inize Me! is a podcast where I try my best to explain the things about youth culture that older people just don't get to my co-host Taylor Moore (a certified old person).

Anais: what's crackin with cool jam man?

Taylor: Whoa! I can’t understand all that whippersnapper jive talk! Anais, I’m 36 years old, you know I can’t keep up with your “youth” “culture” (which I assume is still POGs, lazer tags, and being born in a world untouched by 9/11. 

Anais: yo we need to do something about this then

Taylor: PLEASE DO. I feel irrelevant and stupid. I need your vitality and attention or I will become one of those republicans that lives in Florida and yells about Qanon. Should we tell our readers (soon to be listeners) who we are? (edited)

Anais: of course! I'm Anais, an official teenster, with lots of knowledge about the dangers of being too cool. would love to share it with you to keep you young!

Taylor: Wait, how old are you exactly?

Anais: old enough

Taylor: Well I’ll go first. I’m Taylor Moore (twitter.com/taylordotbiz) I work at Kickstarter, the website. I’m literally twice your age, my body hair is turning grey, and I often think about joint health and the compound interest rates of my IRAs.

Anais: And I'm Anais (twitter.com/houseofee), a college student who is interning at Kickstarter for the summer. I often feel like a baby because I am the youngest person in the building. This is my attempt to connect with people who I can't seem to relate to : ).

Taylor: Do you think this podcast will help us relate? And if so, will it be entertaining for people to listen to?

Anais: I do think so. what's not entertaining about things like kylie jenner, facebook memes, and vine??

Taylor: At first glance, EVERYTHING. I feel sick! 

Anais: that's just the feeling of death creeping out of the cracks in your achy bones. I gotta youth-inize you man.

Taylor: do so please quick.

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