Welcome to Art and Labor!

Published on 2018-07-20

We are a podcast focused on the on-going struggle to survive as an art or cultural worker. We chronicle the stories of social justice organizing within the arts. Our goal is to center the human cost of the “art world” and advocate for fair labor practices for artists, assistants, fabricators, docents, interns, registrars, janitors, writers, editors, curators,  guards, performers, and anyone doing work for art & cultural institutions.

Art and Labor is hosted by O.K. Fox and Lucia Love. We are artists and arts organizer types with over a decade of experience working in the [art] world. In our show we share stories about every manner of stressful, precarious, or just plain weird job/gig/internship/grant/compensated relationship we've had.

We love talking about these issues and want to sustain this project. Through Drip we are releasing special bonus episodes, writing, gossip, memes, and art. We'll even review you show! You can receive our monthly manifestos for only one dollar! Become a founding member of the True Doodle Bitches Club now and receive a subscription to all of our bonus content as well as a unique piece of art in the mail every month. 

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