Please come with me to challenge ecocide with art. I will tell my subscribers the saga of The Blued Trees Symphony-Opera with monthly installments of composed music, visuals and my book-in-progress.

My name is Aviva Rahmani. I am an ecological artist. That means I try to locate the sources of problems in the environment and how and where art could intervene to support natural systems.

All my whole life, I have tried to understand how human relationships determine what happens with the rest of nature. I love hearing the sounds of leaves and waves, the songs of wildlife, feeling the shelter of trees, and seeing the passage of clouds. My work has been shown in many museums and written about in books and magazines internationally. I have a PhD from the University of Plymouth in the UK that crosses over environmental sciences, technology and studio art, all to learn how to protect Earth systems.

My present project, The Blued Trees Symphony has been trying since 2015 to make the case for how Earth rights and the spirit of art might merge. April 25, 2018, one part of that work was the staging of a Mock Trial at the Cardozo School of Law, NYC, sponsored by A Blade of Grass. It litigated for a new definition of art in the public good. The verdict determined by Supreme Court Bronx Justice April Newbauer was an injunction against a hypothetical pipeline. Now that saga is becoming an opera. I am also writing a work memoir of what led to this project.

Join my journey to find ways forward with this idea of connecting art, justice, science, backwards into the sources of that idea in my own work, and to the work I admire. I promise to reward you each month, whether it's images from the field, new scores and sound bites, invitations to upcoming events, or notes from my archives -- view some of my archives here:, and some of work with colleagues here: Thank you for visiting!

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