Since the Mock Trial in 2018

Published on 2019-09-12

April 25, 2018 was the occasion for a mock trial to test the legal theory of the Blued Trees Symphony. The event was produced by A Blade of Grass at the end of my fellowship period with them, shortly after the devastation I saw in the images above mostly around Blacksburg, Virginia. The decimation of the project and its companion trees was wanton. The result of the mock trial was a temporary injunction but it was not followed up in the real world courtroom. A great deal of the past almost year and a half since has been given over for me to think through the implications and remedies. Meanwhile. Kickstarter has decided to wind down the experiment. That is why there haven't been any new posts on this site until now.

I have written a great deal about the Blued Trees project and ecocide in that time for books and journals and am hoping to complete a work memoir this year. Some of the material for that book was previously posted here but I have significantly revised that text since then. 

12:30 PM September 26, 2019 I will host a RSVP launch of two artists books about the questions that led to this project across my entire career and a journal from "One Year" in the life of developing the ideas for The Blued Trees Symphony. I would be delighted if you could join me! It will be held in the newly renovated Lower Manhattan Cultural Council building on Governors Island, Manhattan, where I will be among a small cohort of invited artists in residency until next fall. I expect to focus on developing maquettes for The Blued Trees Opera during that time. The Building will open to the public September 19 and the artists studios will be open to the public October 19. If you can join me September 26, please RSVP by September 23 to

I have been very grateful for your consistent support. Thank you!

This is LMCC's formal announcement:

LMCC's Arts Center at Governors Island,
 the first permanent home for artists and audiences
 on Governors Island, opens to the public on September 19, 2019!

Featuring a broad range of events—including exhibitions, performances, workshops, open studios, and more— LMCC’s Arts Center at Governors Island brings artists and the public together in an ongoing exchange of ideas and creative practice.
 Work created and presented at the Arts Center focuses on ecology, sustainability, and resilience related to Governors Island and NYC at large.