Tree Translation at the Mock Trial April 25, 2018

Published on 2018-06-12

In this shot by Erik McGregor from the Mock Trial, at the Cardozo School of Law, the tree translator, played by Toya Lillard as Oxygenia Kelp, is interpreting music from the First Movement of The Blued Trees Symphony as speech from one of the sacrificed tree-notes from Blacksburg, VA. as a witness for the plaintiff.

This is the full cast of characters for the Mock Trial as launched by A Blade of Grass:

Bailiffs: Stephen Duncombe and Steve Lambert

Judge: April Newbauer of the Bronx Supreme Court of New York

Attorneys for Plaintiff: Gale Elston and co-counsel Steven Honigman

Attorneys for Defendant: Paul Coppe and co-council Bara Diokhane


Aviva Rahmani 

Nancy Vann the Landowner 

Ben Davis (art expert) 

Tree translator: Toya Lillard as Oxygenia Kelp

The Tree 

Paul Zimet (Slim Sunset) for the Defense 

Elric Kline (Dr. Morris Nightshade) for the Defense

Jurors: Cindy Worley, Haja Worley, Jody Wood, Dana Edell, Aresh Javadi, Rose Ginsburg, Chris Vine, Kevin Wiesner, Lucas Bentel, Robin Scully, Desi Rodriguez, Ronny Quevedo

Court illustrator: Lisa Amundsen

Writing today of the implications of The Mock Trial, I concluded in part that, "... the premises for the occupation of Blued Trees live in the space of potential to inflect public policy. Its premises and expressions continue to evolve and refine the question of what is public good? Landowners continue to paint trees, even when hope is faint, as an homage and a requiem for the loss they risk. The legal premises have still not been tested, but they may still be. Each time an event occurs in the name of Blued Trees, the discourse continues, and there is the chance that other lawyers will pick up the baton."

In the weeks ahead, I will attempt to reveal the relationships between historical events, my own earlier work and where next steps might take this project.