Join me on my journey to create performance art and content that will fuel your funny bones and encourage mental mulling.

Hi there! My name is Ayesha Jordan aka multidisciplinary performance artist who uses text, music, movement and whatever inspires to connect and create fun and exciting interactive performances. Having been a creator for nearly 20 years, it’s time to catapult into the next phase of development and production. 

I'm here on Drip to share with my creative family aka you, because your enjoyment and appreciation is what gives my practice purpose. That said, it’s very challenging to do it alone. The creation of any work requires collaboration. Your subscription is a collaboration that will allow me the space and time to create more regularly and consistently.

On Drip I will share the ongoing development of the performance extravaganza Shasta Geaux Pop. If you don’t already know, Shasta is a pop diva superstar making waves all over the world with her collaborative interactive performance experience. Here you can expect to see the development of her web series, as well as additional online content, an album, and merchandise. Alongside Shasta, I’ll keep you up to date with new work, including woodworking and permaculture.  As a subscriber you will have access to my exclusive posts, behind-the-scenes pics and videos, updates,  downloads, and more. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know me better and thank you for your assistance in the realization of these dreams. Your injection of positive energy and love into my artistry and livelihood truly means the world to me.

2 Posts

  • Shasta Cometh

    Who is this vibrant and colorful being? Well, come join Shasta Geaux Pop and her crew and get Out of Line on the High Line, Thursday July...
  • bienvenidos et plus

    Welcome to my creative space. This is an image from our Amsterdam tour of Shasta Geaux Pop for the Right About Now Festival. Shasta is a...