I'm a father, husband, artist & curator. I navigate a studio practice between varied roles in the art world. Join me here to learn more. Your support matters!

My work includes painting, sculpture and collage. I recently began painting clocks with too many numbers, too many hands - time, trips, forms, places, spaces, materials, objects, habits, movements, language, color… new light in the studio, these large canvases are the backdrop to other formal actions with various materials.

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  • WELCOME & Upcoming

    All founding members are invited to a studio lunch during an upcoming exhibit at Bass & Reiner. For the duration of Dec / Jan - works...
  • Studio Documentation as Installation

    While mixing paints, the excess medium is rubbed onto unprimed drywall before applying the paint to the canvas. Other actions are...
  • Altered Monograph

    I published a book with Little Paper Planes in 2010  500 were printed - in 2018, I received the 117 outstanding unsold books.  Working...