Broccoli and Ice Cream is a fun new podcast by comic Myq Kaplan. Each week, a free episode comes out on iTunes, and a bonus episode comes out, ONLY AVAILABLE HERE! (Thanks for reading all of this!)

Myq Kaplan is a comedian named Mike Kaplan.

He has performed standup comedy on the Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien, the Late Show with David Letterman, Late Night with Seth Meyers, the Late Late Show with James Corden, in his own half-hour Comedy Central Presents special, and in his own one-hour special previously on Netflix and now on Amazon, “Small, Dork, and Handsome.” He has been a finalist on Last Comic Standing and has also appeared on America’s Got Talent. His album “Vegan Mind Meld” was one of iTunes’ top 10 comedy albums of the year.

And now he has a new podcast! Broccoli and Ice Cream is a free weekly show where Myq will discuss the work of life (as represented by broccoli) and the joys of life (as represented by ice cream) with fellow comedians, artists, musicians, writers, and other friends. Life is full of lots of work and lots of joy, so there will be a lot to talk about (and listen to).

In addition to the free episode that comes out each week (on iTunes or wherever you shop for free podcasts), there will be at least one premium episode available only here, with bonus conversation, extra fun, more words, thoughts, ideas, information, lessons, advice, learning, growth (see how many more words there are already?).

Listen to a free episode to see how you like it, and then sign up to get all that you can, only here. If you want. It's up to you. Thanks for reading all of this, and being who you are.

PS The first episodes available here feature guests like Michael Ian Black, Sarah-Violet Bliss, Baratunde Thurston, Liz Glazer, and Zach Sherwin. More wonderful people to come!

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