Hello! Drip will be disappearing, so all episodes will soon only be available on Patreon! Thanks for joining me there!

Published on 2019-10-22


Thank you for sharing this time with me here on Drip. I appreciate you.

Moving forward, the bonus Broccoli and Ice Cream episodes that have been available here will now be available here on Patreon. Thanks for considering joining me there!

I'm putting this message here today because I tried uploading today's bonus episode with Martin Urbano here, but the upload failed many times and since Drip is going away soon, I don't know how much maintenance is possible or actual. But fear not! (For this is not a scary proposition.)

I'm glad to have been here, and I'll be glad to be there where I am already. Hope to see you on Patreon, and feel free to be in touch however you wish, moving forward.

Thanks and love,