The award-winning publishers of Fiasco, The Warren, and Night Witches are working on even more more fun, original, and occasionally challenging games for tabletop and live action play.

Hi! We are Bully Pulpit Games - Jason and Steve. We make all sorts of games for all sorts of people. Tabletop roleplaying? We got ya. Larping? Definitely. Weird edge cases? Our specialty! We let the games tell us what form they need to take and go from there. If there’s a common thread in our catalog, it would be “I didn’t see that coming.”  

You can expect Jason to keep being Jason, which means lots of games. In the past most of these have ended up in a drawer some place because we lacked the resources to go the last mile - that 5% needed to polish them and make them something real and good and real good. Our hope is that we can find a way to sustainably publish these glorious little oddballs, and you and Drip are part of the solution.

What's more, for the past decade we’ve been publishing Jason’s games, but that is changing. Part of why we’re so excited about this platform is that we can use it to highlight friends of ours and collaborate with them in a community of enthusiastic supporters. We have so many ideas for making trouble and trying new things with fun people.

So please join us! Our current plan is to release something we charge you for about once a month, but never more than that. Our primary goal is to make this a vibrant community that’s as fun and interesting for us as it is for you. Of course you’ll get stuff first - our subscribers, we hope, will help us decide not only what to make, but help us make it with conversations around design and play. You’ll see what we’re working on (hint: A lot), from dumb experiments to almost-there designs. You’ll be part of a conversation we are really, really going to enjoy. 

Thanks again! 

Jason and Steve

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  • Sparhawk One You Are Cleared Hot

    I'm deep in Fiascoland so naturally my mind insists on working three other problems.  One, probably inspired by the fact that I couldn't...
  • 69°25'00.0"S 62°10'00.0"W

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    You may have heard that Drip is shutting down in October ( ). At this point we...
  • The Sky Above Columbus was the Color of Television, Tuned to a Nina West Retrospective

    Origins Debrief =============== Origins 2019 is in the bag and it was, as always, really good. Our booth did well! It was a pleasure to...
  • Killing Your Darlings

    For a while now, my friend Lizzie Stark and I have been working hard on a weekend-long hundred-person larp called Tipford. Recently we...
  • Coneycatchers: Nearing the Finish Line, and Other News

    About 64,000 years ago I promised my friend John Harper that I would dash off a supplement to his game Blades in the Dark to support his...
  • Fiasco and More on Bundle of Holding!

    This is sort of a funny post, considering that we're writing to our most devoted supporters, so bear with us. BPG is partnering with...
  • We're Pretty High

    It's almost May, and that means Camp Nerdly ( ), where I hope to see some of you! If you aren't familiar with...
  • The Korea Rundown

    I had a great time in Korea and return inspired and excited about that scene and what it is going to share with us. I was invited to a...
  • News From The Oort Cloud

    Not really, but who doesn't love saying "Oort cloud"? Here's some news from BPG's corner of Earth instead. I'm getting ready to go to...
  • How To Have A Protest

    Lizzie Stark and I have given a lot of thought to how demonstrations and protests will work at our Tipford event. What follows is some...
  • Coming Soon to Dreamation

    Testing Tipford at Dreamation ============================= I'll be at Dreamation ( ) in a few...
  • Alchemy

    I was re-reading Charles Mackay's funny and horrifying and informative Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds recently...
  • The Lonely Die Mechanic

    I thought I'd share an idea I had recently that I don't have a home for yet.  When a skill is introduced into the fiction, write the...
  • Things A Witch Told Me To Eat

    Just a short update! Over the holiday I wrote a pair of 25-page booklets that will be seeing the light of day shortly in some...
  • Launch Trajectory Profiles

    The year is winding down and I should do a retrospective! Maybe next week. We're still working hard on Fiasco around here and recently...
  • New Ideas in Horror and Unease

    I'm working on Fiasco, which is taking all my time, and on top of that I'm doing a bunch of other stuff. That's the way it goes!  Fiasco...
  • Sure Is Dark Out

    Here at Bully Pulpit Games HQ, we're busy as stump-tailed cows in fly season! Here's the latest: I'd like to extend a warm welcome to...
  • Meanwhile At Metatopia

    Metatopia is a sort of un-convention about game design and anxiety; 1200 people (most of them game designers) gather to playtest,...
  • California

    Recently I was invited to the University of Southern California to present WINTERHORN, as part of a conference called Emergency and...
  • The Scoop on Drip

    You've probably heard that there is some excitement in Drip-land - Kickstarter is handing off future development of the Drip platform to...
  • All Fired Up About Witchcraft

    I'm busy as a bee here at BPGHQ, working on a bunch of stuff. I figured I'd give you an update and some insight into what's...
  • New Card Prototypes: Two Games

    We received prototype decks for my yearbook game and a card version of A Green And Narrow Bed. Prototyping with cards is really...
  • September Design Updates

    Right now we're working on a bunch of stuff and thought I'd give you an update.  Star Crossed production is proceeding, and right now...
  • Gen Con Recap and What's New

    GEN CON Gen  Con was surprisingly great this year. For some reason I was dreading  it, and it ended up being maybe my best experience...
  • BPG @ Gen Con 2018

    Hey friends,  if you want to find me at Gen Con I will basically be in the Games on Demand room (Hyatt Regency, 3rd Floor, Cosmopolitan...
  • Fighting, and Why it is Horrible

     I've been working on a small project that is growing out of my 200 Word RPG. This is an example of something I've worked up that may or...
  • Fiasco: What's New

    Fiasco has been out for almost a decade, and we’ve learned a lot since publishing it. Other than errata and minor revisions, the game is...
  • Origins 2018 Roundup

    The Origins Game Fair is a medium-large convention (17,000 or so people) in Columbus Ohio that BPG tends to go to every year. Usually we...
  • See You At Origins!

    BPG will have a booth (#823) at Origins Game Fair this year for the first time, and we've been working hard to set it up and prepare to...
  • 200 Words and a Whole Lot More

    Here at BPGHQ we are diligently preparing for Origins Game Fair, where we will be boothing for the first time (booth 823 with Indie Press...
  • I Will Have Satisfaction

    Randy Lubin ( ) and I are friends and co-workers; we are both game designers and tend to totally nerd...
  • In the Heart of the Deernicorn

    By the time you read this our Star Crossed (...
  • Notes from Cascadia

    Designer in Residence I'm in Olympia, Washington this week doing a designer-in-residency (...
  • April Roundup!

    Hey Friends, Here's what's going on in and around BPG HQ so far this month: The Star Crossed Kickstarter (...
  • Have you Had Dinner?

    Hey friends, here's an update on what is happening in and around BPGHQ. Our first Drip release, Welcome Guests, is out the door and in...
  • Things We're Working On

    This post is a sort of peek behind the curtain, the first of many. I'm particularly interested in your thoughts on these...
  • When War Came to Colgur, a free Dungeon World Setting

    Hey friends, Here's a free Dungeon World adventure seed/campaign starter I wrote that I think you'll enjoy. BPG's own Brennen Reece made...
  • How This Is Going To Work (We Think)

     Hi! Welcome, and thanks. When I was in kindergarten I made the first game I can recall. What if, I thought, you extended tic-tac-toe in...