200 Words and a Whole Lot More

Published on 2018-05-30

Here at BPGHQ we are diligently preparing for Origins Game Fair, where we will be boothing for the first time (booth 823 with Indie Press Revolution and friends). We will be offering an exclusive look/play of something we've been working on for a while now...

How cool is that? The game's almost a decade old and we've learned a ton. It is leaner, meaner, and easier to play. If you are at Origins, come say hey! We will have copies of Hidden Stewards of the Dead Art (see below) just for you Drip supporters, and maybe we'll have some sort of meetup? If that sounds like fun, let's talk about it in the comments to this post. 

I got caught up in Everybody Is Doing It and wrote a 200 Word RPG and I really like it! Mine is called Hidden Stewards of the Dead Art and since it is only 200 words, here you go:

"The Age of Magic has ended, but here you are - a gang of brilliant, charming, experienced, murderous sorcerers. Choose who is Daznan, Kiffel, Necklace of Ants, Rua. Decide which adjective best describes you. Explain why. Choose which facts apply to each of you:

  I'm pursued by Ghatshen, half-ghost magic-hunter.
  I owe a deep debt to Iku, an unseeing princess.
  I lust for the secrets of Hardeen, a dog butcher.
  Moyolehuani, beast of legend, is both lover and enemy.

  When you use magic, a weird tattoo covers part of your body commensurate with the power of the spell. Temporary light? Pinprick dot. Fireball? Plate-sized mark. Something even grander? More skin.

  Draw a silhouette of your character, front and back. Add ink now - cover 70% - if you are experienced, add more. Brilliant? Add less. Magic is always successful, and only limited by your creativity, nerve, and unmarked flesh.

  You are the last of your kind. In Yosol magic is a crime. In Chullwa it is merely reviled. Everywhere it is feared. When the marks become obvious everyone will know you, and when every bit of skin is covered that's it - no more magic for you. Until then, try to do good."

If you play Hidden Stewards of the Dead Art, let me know! I feel like this game has legs and we'll be doing more interesting stuff with it in the very near future. Like next week.


Header image: Detail from Swan Attacked by a Dog, Jean-Baptiste Oudry, 1745