All Fired Up About Witchcraft

Published on 2018-10-11

I'm busy as a bee here at BPGHQ, working on a bunch of stuff. I figured I'd give you an update and some insight into what's happening.

Fiasco In A Box (that's the working title but it will probably just be "Fiasco") rules have been edited. The rules are super tricky to get right, because I want someone to be able to crack the box and play without all the subcultural knowledge and lingua franca. We will have it at Big Bad Con and Metatopia, and hopefully we will be running some very focused playtests at Metatopia. We are behind schedule.

Alex and I co-designed Space Station Fobolex, which allows up to ten pairs to play Star Crossed in a shared universe. It will premiere at Big Bad Con and I suspect it will be wonderfully silly.

I won't be at Big Bad Con but I will be at USC later this month presenting WINTERHORN at an academic conference. Later on most of the BPG crew will be at Metatopia. I am moderating some panels, including one on immersive/interactive theater that I am really jazzed about. 

I recently converted A Green and Narrow Bed to an all-card format and I suspect you all will be seeing that soon. Print and play? An at-cost Drive Thru code? Not sure, tell us how to handle getting you all a game that is also a deck of cards. 

Still working on Coneycatchers, but that's slowed down because (see paragraphs above and below).

Recently, at a sort of gaming retreat, I got to playtest the Yearbook Game (which needs a better name, any ideas?) and generate new games. I now have about thirty written and ready to go. I talked to an IP lawyer who happened to be at this event and they gently suggested that I find a new solution to images, so we're looking for the perfect artist to illustrate our cards with perfect decade-specific pathos. I am really excited about this suite of games! We played The Blue Way at this same retreat and everyone was just poleaxed.

I was asked to write some material in support of the Gauntlet's Kickstarter, and what we agreed on is some new material for Night Witches. My first thought was to write some new playbooks, so I started thinking about birds. Nightjar, man, that is a good name for a bird - vaguely ominous, appropriate for a crepuscular little bastard that's hard to see anyway. But superstition says they harass livestock, leading to the Polish name kozodój  (goatsucker). They are also thought to embody the souls of unbaptized children, which is why some extremely goth people traditionally called them lich fowl. Things fell into place. A recent game night the conversation sort of stumbled into this: "What if the Night Witches were actually, you know, witches?" which is of course a terrible idea, like making them all Jedi or something. But some good stuff will come out of it. The Gauntlet will get two new playbooks, some essays, and a whole sheet of witchcraft moves. Down the road I will expand that into something really interesting for you all!

(By the way the Russian for a sorceress or evil magic lady is koldun'ya,  Колдунья)