BPG @ Gen Con 2018

Published on 2018-07-31

Hey friends,  if you want to find me at Gen Con I will basically be in the Games on Demand room (Hyatt Regency, 3rd Floor, Cosmopolitan Ballroom B) running games, or under a table somewhere. If you want to find Steve, who helps organize GoD,  it is a safe bet that he will be there at the host table out front, pretty much throughout the show. 

I adore  working at Games on Demand because it presents everything good about the  hobby in very intense little chunks. People are sharing what they love  and others are exploring weird new vistas and, generally, being  delighted. It is an imperfect vessel, especially at Gen Con, but it is  still beautiful and real.

At an event like this I could probably  push myself onto panels and other venues that would be better marketing  in the conventional sense, but:

1. There are other people I am very happy to step aside for and

2.  I have always thought the best marketing in the world is providing a  useful service while doing what I genuinely love. I may reach fewer  people, but we share an experience and part as friends.

3. This is  also enlightened self interest, because through play I learn a ton and  get better at what I do, get more inspired, and get more excited. 

4. You people have my back.

Anyway my public schedule:
***Thursday, 2 August
1000-1600 Games on Demand

***Friday, 3 August
1000-1400 Games on Demand

***Saturday, 4 August
1000-1100 Uncommon Conversations: Guest of Honor Roundtable (Moderating - this will be 🔥 so please come)
1200-1800 Games on Demand

At  GoD I will be offering the new version of Fiasco, Archipelago (my scenario "Betula",  RESTLESS, BFF, The Warren (Flowery Dream!) and Night Witches. Come play! If you see me  elsewhere please say hello, especially if we've never met in person!