Coming Soon to Dreamation

Published on 2019-02-06

Testing Tipford at Dreamation

I'll be at Dreamation in a few weeks and I hope you will too! It's a very well run medium-sized convention in metropolitan New York (Morristown, New Jersey) and I go every year. Great games, great players, great organization, highly recommended.

This year my friend Lizzie Stark and I will be doing something interesting and, I think, sort of new - we are designing a 100-person weekend-long larp, scheduled for 2020, called Tipford. At Dreamation we will be running a four hour long session that will test many of our mechanics. It should also be fun and hang together as a game, but our goal is to try out the various bits of Tipford we want to see in action. It has space for 36 people and I hope you will join us. We'll pack a lot into that four hours! You will live and love and work and sing and maybe get beat up.

Tipford is a game about labor and solidarity, set in the early twenties in an enamel factory being organized by the IWW. There's a ton of inter-generational family drama, immigration is central, and the characters need to organize in the face of a corrupt system that is firmly on the side of the bosses. It's exciting and has a lot of contemporary resonance. 

I'm also offering two smaller games -- The Alchemists, which is a silly game about scheming alchemists and grifters in a 15th century court, and Perfection, which is a very not-silly game about the dissolution of a charismatic cult. 

Other News

I'm going to Korea at the invitation of BPG's translation and publishing partner there, cympub. That's in late March and early April and I could not be more excited. 

I'm a judge in the 1923 Game Jam, and am currently poring over the wildly varied entries.

Fiasco in a Box work continues! Right now it is perfecting the data merge, finalizing all the assets, and putting together a prototype for final testing. All of that is eating up our time around here. 

Steve is headed to the New York Toy Fair the week before Dreamation, so if you are in the area and you'd like to meet up and say, let us know!

Star Crossed is off the boats and already in the hands of many of our US backers, with the international shipments coming very soon. That's a relief!  We've set our general release date for the game to February 14th, so if you're still hoping to get your hands on a copy, check in with your local game store!