Coneycatchers: Nearing the Finish Line, and Other News

Published on 2019-05-14

About 64,000 years ago I promised my friend John Harper that I would dash off a supplement to his game Blades in the Dark to support his nascent Kickstarter. Blades was a very different game then and I was a very different person, but a deal's a deal, and I just sent a gigantic document to Karen Twelves, who is editing it for us, and it feels like a millstone has been lifted off my neck. It has been taking up a lot of real estate in my brain for a long, long time. Miles to go yet, but an end is at least in sight for this project.

Coneycatchers moves the skullduggery of Blades to late Elizabethan London, strips out all the magic, and adds a treatise on the timeless short con. It also adds a sex worker playbook and tons of detail about the time and place. It's pretty cool, I think, and I loved researching it. Our deal is that all the ancient Kickstarter backers will get it, and then BPG will publish our own version. Probably no one will ever play it, because electro-ghosts are cool and history panic is real. Go ahead and reassure me that I'm wrong in the comments, OK?

I'm also finishing up a long essay that lays out my method for writing short freeform larps, which I think will be helpful and answer a question I get a lot.

I'm also finishing up a short game framed around a pretty linear, fairy-tale-like idea called The Madstone. The thing that excited me about it is its easy multi-modality - you can engage with it as a series of storytelling prompts and it would work sitting around a campfire, or you could play it as a freeform larp, or you could set it up as a location-based event and cycle a series of protagonists through, each one having a slightly different but broadly similar experience.  I'm not sure if this game will work yet (I'll try it at Camp Nerdly) but the underlying technology feels solid and potentially fruitful.

Beyond these efforts I cleaned my gutters yesterday, and now I am spotted with poison ivy! Birds helpfully fill my gutters with poison ivy. I hope things are going slightly better for you.