Fiasco Playset: Half a Million Dollars in a Grocery Bag

Published on 2019-07-08

Hey all,

First of all, the Fiasco Kickstarter is right around the corner and we are working full tilt to get ready (we are not ready). As a result we're taking a month off from editing and laying out a game for y'all. I suspect we'll be sharing some cool stuff, but we won't have a finished product for July and we won't be charging you anything. We really need the time to focus on Fiasco and hope this isn't a disappointment.

Recently I invited myself onto the Rolling Misadventures podcast, which is a very clever show that consists of Fiasco actual play, spiced up with sound effects and really sharp editing. I brought along an unpublished playset and together we tore it up. The playset is called Half a Million Dollars in a Grocery Bag, and it originated in an idle thought I had - what would it look like if we built an entire playset around a single Object, and made that Object the center of play? The result is always surprising! In this case the titular half million dollars became the center of a sad and funny story about a struggling art gallery, a dying marriage, and the usual smorgasbord of powerful ambition and poor impulse control.

Check out the podcast here:

And the playset is here:

Half a Million Dollars in a Grocery Bag

I'd love it if you'd play it and let me know what happened.

See you at Gen Con, or on the Kickstarter page, or in August!