Here's Your Drip Update

Published on 2019-06-25

You may have heard that Drip is shutting down in October. At this point we know what you know, and we're looking at various options to keep this incredibly fruitful and cool relationship with you going. 

On one hand, we're sad that this platform will die - not only has it been beneficial generally, but it also represented some credible competition that was good for the marketplace. At BPG we're always happy to be sticking out necks out if it means we can push the boundaries and improve our shared hobby a little. Drip was a risk, and in this case it didn't entirely pay off, but we're glad we took it and we're pleased you've joined us. 

October is a ways off and we'll keep doing what we do here as we search for a new way to interact with you. Patreon is the obvious choice, but we'd really, really like to continue to challenge their monoculture if we can possibly make it work. So we're asking for your help - what alternatives are out there, and which make the most sense to you? Where's a place you'd be happy to follow us? Leave a comment and let us know, because we want all the fresh ideas we can get! 


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