How This Is Going To Work (We Think)

Published on 2018-02-27

 Hi! Welcome, and thanks.

When I was in kindergarten I made the first game I can recall. What if, I thought, you extended tic-tac-toe in every direction until it was 100 squares wide? What if, I thought some more, oblivious to how bad an idea this was, you needed to form a line of Xs or Os one hundred long to win? One hundred was a big number back then. Still is, actually.

And I made that game, and I played it with myself, and it became immediately apparent that it was utterly broken and impossible. And I tried to fix it. What if you only needed fifty Xs in a row? What if …

...and here we are. Personally I feel like I’m still pushing the boundaries of that ur-design, still asking very fundamental questions, still learning how to make games, and why. The products of that exploration are going to show up here now, instead of molding away on a hard drive. Most of them will be weird and bad. Some of them will be weird and good, and I hope you’ll let me know in both cases. I’d really like to have a dialog here. My really big hope is that part of that conversation will be you telling me what’s interesting and useful and fun to see, and helping us share that with greater and greater precision. And, of course, we have our own ideas about what’s interesting, and we're definitely going to pursue them thanks to your support.

Let’s see what we can make!


By the way, if you choose to join us on this weird journey to Drip-land, we have another post up with a new Fiasco playset just for you!