I Will Have Satisfaction

Published on 2018-05-15

Randy Lubin and I are friends and co-workers; we are both game designers and tend to totally nerd out when we get together. I really admire his design methodology and sensibility. Recently he graciously hosted me for a week-long gig we were both working in San Francisco, and we got to spend a ton of time together. One of the results was the germ of a game that became Honor Bound, which we'll be sharing with you soon. 

It stemmed from a conversation about the Broderick-Terry duel and the etiquette of the duel as a component of honor culture, and that drifted into thinking about toxic masculinity, and one or the other of us realized that replicating the impossible pressures generated by the rigid protocol of the early nineteenth century duel was an interesting window from the former to the latter. So we wrote the game, and it is both fun and heartbreaking, and we're very happy to be sharing it. It's been well playtested by people of all genders in various combinations, and one group even avoided the aggrieved parties shooting at each other. 

Please check out Randy's Patreon (linked above), where he's sharing his great work. Also check out the bonkers project he's involved with - developing and refining a card game originally designed by the CIA and released via a FOIA request. And once you get Honor Bound in your sweaty little hands, round up some people and give it a try! It's a very straightforward game that runs itself and I think it is really fun and interesting. 

In a couple of days Alex and I are going to the Living Games Conference in Boston! If you are going to be there, please comment and let us know so we can say hey. I'll be participating in a couple of panels and moderating one:

 The Role-Playing Diaspora (Panelist)

 Preserving Game Design History: a Call to Action (Moderator)

 The Information Missile Defense System (Panelist, don't ask me what this is actually about)

I'm also helping Anna Konovalenko, one of the coolest people writing larps today, run one of her games on Saturday night. Apparently I am playing eight zombies. 

Alex, in addition to helping organize the con, is also participating in a bunch of panels:

 Queer Game Design Principles & Practice (Panelist) 

 A Fine Romance: Playing a Satisfying Romance in Larp (Moderator) 

 Consent and Safety in Larp Communities (Moderator)

 Spirituality and Transformational Role-playing (Panelist) 

When we get back, it will be time to start prepping in earnest for Origins! We'll be playtesting some new stuff, showing off Star Crossed, and enjoying our very own 10x10 booth. As always, thank you for your support!