In the Heart of the Deernicorn

Published on 2018-05-10

By the time you read this our Star Crossed Kickstarter will probably be over! I hope you chose to participate - it's a great game.  Another game I strongly recommend is BFF, if you are still in a crowdfunding mood.

I'm back from my residency in Olympia at Heart of the Deernicorn and it was really great. Over the course of the week, across various events, I ran or facilitated seven larps and two tabletop games. All but one of those I had designed, and seven of them were stacked up over a weekend in conversation with each other. The weekend was billed as "Future Play", and featured games (many unpublished!) inspired by history but given a science fiction gloss: 

The global war on Sirai begins 

Sirai (12-20, 3 hours) (Beirut and the first Lebanese civil war, 1977-83)

The global war on Sirai is simmering 

Thola (4-6, tabletop, 2 hours) (Poland, 1942)

The Combine intervention is in progress

Terps (6-8, 2 hours) (Afghanistan, 2015)

The Line (10-15, 3 hours) (Lesbos, 2016)

The war has ground to a halt

Apportionment (8-14, 3 hours) (Middle East, 1916)

Things happening in nearby space unrelated to Sirai

Maroons (6-7, 2 hours) (Siberia, 1936-1988)

Durance (4-5, tabletop, 3 hours) (Australia, 1788)

We didn't run them in quite that order due to time, space and player count, but we got pretty close - and we ran them all. And since these games all share a lexicon and a religious/cultural background, the players built fluency in the shared setting - something I'd always imagined but have never had a chance to see in practice. Usually I'm running these as one-offs at conventions, so every iteration is an exercise in explaining the somewhat complex backstory. 

In addition to this sequence I offered WINTERHORN and, after a talk at Evergreen State College, Jeff Dieterle and Chad Wolf's stoopid game No Further Questions. There was also a game jam and other weird happenings. It was awesome.

Next up for BPG: Sharing Honor Bound with you all, going to the Living Games Conference (where Alex Roberts and I will be on or moderating many panels and I am helping run a game with Anna Konovalenko), preparing for Origins, printing playtest copies of Fiasco Second Edition (talk about burying the lede!), and some other stuff you will be hearing about real soon.

Thanks for sticking with us!