Launch Trajectory Profiles

Published on 2018-12-24

The year is winding down and I should do a retrospective! Maybe next week. We're still working hard on Fiasco around here and recently got some very deep advice about the implications of our business plan, so that has been exciting. 
I got a chance to playtest my cult larp, Perfection, and it went very well. If by "very well" you mean a bloody palace coup and the certain dissolution of the cult. Expect to see it soon. This is an interesting project because it began in my mind as a tabletop game, and still has a lot of tabletop elements. I'm wondering if there are actually two related games that share components. I love that idea and hope I can make it work. 

I was also seized last weekend with an exciting idea I couldn't shake, and that has turned into another short-form larp. Here's the pitch for ASCEP: Space Love:

The success of the July 1975 Apollo-Soyuz Test Project led planners  in both countries to scramble for ways to use the excess equipment  developed as backups for ASTP. A second mission, featuring a crew  exchange, was quickly planned for the fall of 1976. An American would  de-orbit in a Soviet space capsule for the first time, and vice versa.  It would be a true gesture of international cooperation and  friendship--far more meaningful than the first mission’s visits,  speeches and handshakes. The Apollo-Soyuz Crew Exchange Project (ASCEP) was born.
 The astronauts and cosmonauts for this mission would be drawn from deep  reserves--those already in active training for future missions were not  eligible, so the flight positions went to skilled trainees who had been  effectively back benched by their respective space programs. As it  happened, one entire crew consisted of women.

This is the story of the second Apollo-Soyuz mission.

It is a combination of weird, awkward romance and hard science space shenanigans. Will it be fun? Maybe! It was really fun to research and write and it came in a rush of inspiration. That's usually a good sign.

I can't thank you enough for your continued support. We have some cool surprises and fun ideas for 2019, and we'd welcome your thoughts on what you'd like to see from BPG.

See you next week!