New Ideas in Horror and Unease

Published on 2018-12-13

I'm working on Fiasco, which is taking all my time, and on top of that I'm doing a bunch of other stuff. That's the way it goes!  Fiasco is looking good, anyway. 

I wrote a fun supplement about folk magic and religion for Night Witches called Koldunya, and you will be seeing an expanded version of that soon. It adds some interesting stuff to the game around faith and superstition. My Monday night group will be playing it soon as well and I'm looking forward to that. 

I'm doing some work for Prototype Thinking, a company I've worked with before. They are smart and doing interesting work and my game-y skills fit right in. I'm basically writing a larp for them, but we're not going to call it that in front of their corporate clients. 

The large larp that Lizzie Stark and I are building, Telford, now has a staff and some momentum, and we just hammered out the culture and gender design as well as the... wait for it... combat system. You want to protest working conditions in 1920, there needs to be a way for you to get your head beaten in safely. Lizzie is playtesting it as I write this with some undergrads at Northeastern. 

I've also been seized, as I sometimes am, with a new idea that I can't shake but probably should. It's a tabletop game in which you play the inner circle of a charismatic cult, from its formation to its dissolution. We tried it out a few nights ago (with someone who has spent a fair amount of time in a cult, who had a blast) and it has a lot of weird moving pieces but I think the bones are good. It will be dark and strange. 

What do you think? Tasty or horrifying or both? Would you like to see my working notes and materials?

Basically I'm bursting with ideas and energy but need to stay disciplined right now. Fiasco has tight deadlines and there are so many shiny things I could get distracted with...