News From The Oort Cloud

Published on 2019-03-21

Not really, but who doesn't love saying "Oort cloud"? Here's some news from BPG's corner of Earth instead.

I'm getting ready to go to Korea, where I'll be a guest at the Cho-Yuh-Myung convention in Seoul. If you or your people are in Korea let me know! They've asked me to talk about game design and publication, and I am very excited to interface more closely with the Korean scene. 

When I get home, I flip around and immediately go to an equally exotic destination - Toledo, Ohio, where I will be talking to Owens Community College health faculty about using games in their curricula and students about the connective tissue between games and theater. Then I will probably sleep for a week or two.

This week I've also been working on my Blades in the Dark hack, Coneycatchers, which is *this* close to sending to the editor. I'm having a Blades-savvy friend look it over for dumb mistakes, then the production process begins. John Harper will help lay it out and we will publish it. Blades Kickstarter backers (!) will get it somehow, since it was promised way back then.

Work on Fiasco continues. We have a complete prototype but Steve won't let me show it to you. This week I worked on a folding play mat and player instruction cards that will go in the box. I also wrote a big chunk of the extended example of play.

On top of all this I've been pretty sick! And doing some other exciting stuff that will disrupt our plans a bit if they come to fruition! And there's a rabid raccoon in my neighborhood! 

Never a dull moment,