Notes from Cascadia

Published on 2018-05-03

Designer in Residence

I'm in Olympia, Washington this week doing a designer-in-residency with my friends at Heart of the Deernicorn and the Evergreen State College. Cascadia is a beautiful and refreshing change of scenery and attitude.

So far I've had a chance to do some designing (around The Itinerants, a game about helpful wandering people in a Canterbury Tales mode), hanging out (at a game jam where I had the good fortune to play Ross Cowman's new game BFF, which I heartily recommend, and lots of other interesting stuff. I slept on a boat. I played some Zelda. It has, thus far, been good.

Tonight I'm running WINTERHORN for a mixed crowd of people, some of whom have spent time in jail for their activism. It'll be interesting. This  weekend we're running seven of my games in sequence(!) which is going to be intense. 

Your  contribution to our Drip makes opportunities like this suddenly fall within the realm of possibility, and the whole team at Bully Pulpit thanks you for your support! 

Next Up on Drip

Our next Drip release will also be super interesting—Randy Lubin and I wrote Honor Bound as a lens through which to view toxic masculinity, but it is a fun, intense game as well. I can't wait to get it into your hands! 

Star Crossed!

One last thing —if for some mysterious reason you have not yet backed Star Crossed, Alex Roberts' great game of ...well, star-crossed romance that we are publishing, the Kickstarter is almost over! Go get a copy, you won't regret it!

– Jason