See You At Origins!

Published on 2018-06-12

BPG will have a booth (#823) at Origins Game Fair this year for the first time, and we've been working hard to set it up and prepare to display and demo all our weird games. I made a ton of foamcore-backed signage, which I hope will help orient people to some of our odd format games like JUGGERNAUT and Carolina Death Crawl, where there's no book to display.  

I'm also busy making prototypes for the Fiasco revision, which made sort of a splash on social media despite the fact that we actually playtested this last Origins and "Second Edition" is a misnomer - our mistake! The core gameplay is largely unchanged, but we're refactoring the components using cards and streamlining play using lessons learned across a decade of Fiasco foolishness. For example, it is now accepted wisdom that a four-player game should have two Needs, and those Needs should not be adjacent. 

Overall, the game will be faster to play, easier to understand, and generally better. The new format allows for some really fun new twists as well that leverage the loosely shared neo-noir Americana setting many playsets share, and doesn't make anything that already exists obsolete. 

 Working on Fiasco again has been fun, and I'll have lots more to say about it in a couple of weeks and, as always, you'll hear the details here first.

If you are at Origins, please track us down and say hey! We may just have something special for you. You can find us at at booth #823 with Indie Press Revolution and with Games on Demand in the Hyatt Fairfield room.