September Design Updates

Published on 2018-09-07

Right now we're working on a bunch of stuff and thought I'd give you an update. 

Star Crossed production is proceeding, and right now there is a lot of back and forth with our partners in Asia. We've got a prototype and there are many details to work out. Matte or gloss? What kind of wood? Stuff like that. It is on schedule. We also have cute enamel pins now!

I (Jason) am working on several games and projects at once. One is my yearbook meta-game. Thanks to the 37 of you who took our survey; here are the people you found most interesting:

The most popular images, according to you
The most popular images, according to you

Bottom row, third from the left is not going to make the cut, sorry! I have four or five games already written for the cards, and have a set laid out as a prototype that I am waiting on. I'll have them at Metatopia, if you happen to be there please ask to see them. Here's a game, as an example:



Lizzie Stark and Jason Morningstar

Play this game after you have a well-established cast of characters from playing other games, particularly the Blank Slate Game. 

Shuffle the deck, including the teachers. Draw three cards at random and reveal them. 

Describe what brings these three characters together. If you know these people, the answer may be obvious, but it might also be delightfully unexpected. Feel free to draw a fourth character to enter the mix if it feels necessary, but never more than that. Tell a short story together that focuses on the triangle that revealed itself. The stories should be short but they need not be small."


In the same card order is a set for the Kansas side of A Green and Narrow Bed. We'll see how they turned out. I am reasonably sure cards are the way to go with this game, and if it all falls into place, we'll figure out a way for you all to get your hands on them at a reduced cost or free. 

I'm still plugging away at Coneycatchers, a Blades in the Dark hack for John Harper and Evil Hat. It started out small and is now over 80 pages long. 

I'm working on Telford, a weekend-long immersive larp set during a factory strike in 1921 with my friend Lizzie Stark. It will have a cast of 70-100 and as a player you will get to have your head beaten in by the police (probably while singing IWW songs). This is a year away, and I recently got to tour a bunch of old mills in Lowell and Lawrence. We're pretty sure we have a venue! This will be a big deal and lots of fun. 

And that's what's going on! 


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