Sparhawk One You Are Cleared Hot

Published on 2019-07-30

I'm deep in Fiascoland so naturally my mind insists on working three other problems. 

One, probably inspired by the fact that I couldn't fly to Finland to play the ultra cool Odysseus larp, is a hard-ish sci-fi scenario for eight people that combines a hard choice generator with the sort of distributed, quasi-facilitative play I wrote into The Climb. It's called The Kirkwood Gap.  I'd actually love your help with it! 

Here are the game's eight characters. Act one (of probably three) is all about deciding which four characters will go on a very dangerous mission. Read all the material and tell me in the comments which four you would send, who would lead the strike package, and who would fly the electronic warfare fighter. I want the decision to be hard, and tempered by interpersonal relationships, and without an obvious correct answer. I'll adjust the characters until this is true, so your input will be very useful.

(Act Two will be the actual mission, with the two groups of four in different play spaces, each doing their part and basically serving as GM for the other group. Act Three, if there is one, will be the survivor's return. I am imagining some cool computer-driven stuff, like a Web database that spits up data on cue that can be shared remotely, etc.)

So that's a project that's captured my excitement in the most counterproductive way. Gen Con is tomorrow and I'm not super ready for that, either. I'm taking some Fiasco-related meetings and will be working and playing at Games on Demand

If you are at the show, we hope you'll come see us! Heck, we might even playtest The Kirkwood Gap!