The Korea Rundown

Published on 2019-04-19

I had a great time in Korea and return inspired and excited about that scene and what it is going to share with us. I was invited to a small convention by Cympub, our translation and publishing partner. I'd met Sungil Kim, the brains of the operation, at Gen Con, and we'd discussed finding a way to get me to Korea. This was the year. 

My wife Autumn and I spent a week in Seoul and then I gave two talks at the con to very engaged, very full audiences. My message was pretty straightforward - you are already game designers, and here's a framework you can use that works for me. 

The Korean scene is young, and many people can count Dungeon World as their first-ever RPG. It is not a scene with strong roots in D&D, and they seem to gravitate toward emotional play, personal play, juicy conflict-y play of the sort that makes my games popular there. It is also a scene that skews female a little, with that ratio even more pronounced among creators. It wasn't unusual to see entire tables of women playing, which was amazing and wonderful. 

I got loaded down with Korean RPGs and supplements, some already in English, and I'm so excited to play them and to see what comes next. I learned a lot and made some new friends!