The Scoop on Drip

Published on 2018-10-25

You've probably heard that there is some excitement in Drip-land - Kickstarter is handing off future development of the Drip platform to Andy Baio and Andy McMillan of XOXO. The hand-off is happening right now. Drip is not being sold and no user data is changing hands: The XOXO team will lead development going forward and Kickstarter will remain involved as a partner and investor. From your perspective as a supporter of BPG, nothing will change. From our perspective, well, it is an interesting time!

We know that Andy and Andy intend to roll out a new version of the platform, probably in about a year. Again, we're sticking with it and nothing changes for you (or, in the short term, us). If things do change, we will certainly let you know. If the new platform doesn't meet our requirements or expectations, we'll let you know that, too - and ask you to follow us wherever we jump. 

The Andys are cool guys and in many ways this is great news. BPG's own Alex Roberts attended XOXO for the first time this year, and has nothing but good things to say about this transition. 

Alex describes XOXO as a caring and supportive community, relentlessly positive, very technology-focused and constantly iterating. And both founders were very present and engaged throughout. If they bring the same commitment and capability to Drip that they've brought to cultivating that community of independent artists, I think we'll see a powerful revitalization of the project. As Alex put it, "They're just nice people who understand digital platforms really well."

So that's the scoop, and we will keep you updated. Thanks as always for sticking with us!