Things A Witch Told Me To Eat

Published on 2019-01-04

Just a short update! Over the holiday I wrote a pair of 25-page booklets that will be seeing the light of day shortly in some form. 

I've been captivated recently by games that present themselves in new ways the break free from the auto repair manual formula - games like Laurel Halbany's The Widow's Market and A Girl Like You by Dilly Moore. Cruising around the Internet I found a nice copy of  Johann Bauhin's Historia novi et admirabilis fontis balneique Bollensis in Ducatu Wirtembergico ad acidulas Goepingenses and something clicked - it is full of beautiful engravings of plants and minerals through 1598-colored glasses and is just a treasure. What if, I thought to myself, I made a fantasy setting guide that was also an illustrated guide to plants? What if indeed:

So I made one, and it was so much fun (and I had so much great art) that I made another. They're fun to read so we're thinking about how best to make them available.

Meanwhile Fiasco still grinds along - we are editing the rules now, and talking about box dimensions, and fussing over the cover. 

Star Crossed has arrived by container ship in the UK and will be in the States in a few days! We expect to start shipping to backers later this month, and it will be available in a store near you really soon.