We're Pretty High

Published on 2019-04-30

It's almost May, and that means Camp Nerdly, where I hope to see some of you! If you aren't familiar with Camp Nerdly, it is a gaming/cabin camping weekend I helped found many years ago. You get together in a national forest and, for two days, form a very pleasant little community of gamers and kids and oh is it lovely. Everyone is required to bring a game to offer and I'm not sure what I'll prepare!

Last weekend was Larp Shack, the local larp meetup I co-run here in Durham, North Carolina, USA (If you are nearby let me know and I'll invite you!). Since it was the week after Fastaval we played a pair of previous Fastaval darlings (Mo Turkington's Model Protectorates and Tim Slumstrup Aunkilde's Easter: A Tragedy). We also played a game I'm playtesting called Sky Deck, which was inspired by my recent visit to the Lotte World Tower. 

The Lotte World Tower is a supertall skyscraper and the observation deck is like half a kilometer in the sky. It is weird and intense, and visiting is packaged like some luxury experience - but when you arrive there's a sad girl selling gummy worms and a bored photographer with a foamcore stand-up of the Lotte mascot. It's a study in contrasts, but the view is amazing. Naturally my first thought was "what if you were trapped up here?"

So Sky Deck is one part Luis Buñuel, one part Tom Stoppard, and one part Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. I made a bunch of nice party hats for it. It is deliberately capital-A Absurdist, and we had a great time trying it out. I learned a lot about the design and I suspect you will see it soon. 

Thanks, as always, for supporting these small but perhaps worthwhile games.