When War Came to Colgur, a free Dungeon World Setting

Published on 2018-03-06

Hey friends,

Here's a free Dungeon World adventure seed/campaign starter I wrote that I think you'll enjoy. BPG's own Brennen Reece made it look like a sexy Swiss tax form, and it was inspired by The Villager playbook, which Marshall Miller and I wrote. It features some amazing art by Emily Delisle

 Download When War Came to Colgur

 The core conceit is that your village has become the epicenter of a massive conflict you are powerless to prevent - two big medieval armies are going to have a battle right on top of your turnip patch. What do you do? I've run this a number of times and every time it turns out different. I hope you enjoy it!

If you are just visiting, welcome! This is the sort of thing you can expect from our Drip - little games, weird experiments, tabletop- and larp-focused stuff that is usually a bit different and always interesting. Please stick around and help us make cool stuff!