Century Guild: An exploration of aesthetics and the archaic, 1880-1925.

As the founder of the Century Guild Museum of Art in Los Angeles, I have been writing, designing, and publishing books on rare and obscure artworks from the Art Nouveau and Symbolist art movements for nearly twenty years. As a musician and creative, my career has included orchestra direction for major recording artists, independent filmmaking, and resurrecting obsolete music recording technologies. If the books and records and films are Century Guild's projects, then this is after-hours access to the museum; the print drawers are opened and the stage curtains are drawn back. Join our community, and your input helps us plan our course. You can pledge at $5 and $25 for special gifts– but for just $1 a month you get absolutely all of the digital content that we will be creating for this platform. This Drip contains: Behind-the-scenes photos, interviews with Century Guild's collaborators and colleagues, images and ideas that didn't make it into books, current inspirations, and insights into forthcoming projects.

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