Alkohol... a silent movie poster printed for the first time in 99 years!

Published on 2018-04-25

Hello!  We just launched a short campaign for a special 22" x 29" limited edition poster, it's a painting by Oskar Hacker for the 1919 movie Alkohol... this is the first time in 99 years it's being printed in a large format!

I just wanted you guys to be aware of it before the mailing list went out tomorrow- there are a couple higher tiers that have some out-of-print books and things, and they're limited to only 1.

Here's the link, in case you want to know more about this fantastic image!


Thank you for reading!


ps- it's doing the thing again where it won't let me select anything other than "public" for some reason, so I guess this a public ad for the feed!  :)