"Devils and Witches and books, oh my!"

Published on 2018-07-11

With Czeschka at the printer, I'm hard at work on the next book.  I had a false start; the title I thought we'd be doing next just wasn't congealing in the way I wanted it to.  Here's a sneak peek- we aren't dropping the concept, it's just taking a bit longer for me to curate the material... it's deeply personal to me and so I don't want to rush it.

So we skipped ahead to one that I had already sorted out!  The next book will launch this week, and it's called INFERNAL CREATURES.  The image at the top of this post is a great example of the content: that ink poster from 1907 isn't even in the artist's large hardcover book, it's a very very early work for him... pick up the book if you'd like to know more!

The book will feature all kinds of devil and witch imagery in both advertising and fine art.  There are some wonderfully frightening Carlos Schwabe watercolors we'll be including, a couple of rare Klimt images, and some really amazing German artworks that you won't find anywhere else.  One of the ones I'm really excited about is this poster below; in twenty years I've only been able to find evidence of three copies having survived.  Something that happens ALL the time is that we photograph something and it goes into a book or online, and the next thing I know horrible low-resolution images of it are all over the internet.  Then, people pull those to make keychains and whatnot, and these super super rare images are all of a sudden popping up in gift shops.  Opium is a really great example- there can't be more than three copies on the planet of that one either, and I made the mistake of putting really clear images online.  So this fantastic Devil poster promoting a book about the Mysteries of Freemasonry (spoiler alert, the author claims that Satan is hiding behind the curtain) is one I kept hidden for a long time.  Leo Taxil is fascinating, I told a juicy story on page 8 of Beautiful Macabre (for his Debaucheries of the Confessor poster) and will elaborate further in this book...

I am going to try and sleep now, but I wanted to share what is in the works!  Lots of gears are turning, there are a lot of wonderful closures on the horizon, and new doors opening.

I'll leave you with this author photo; I am trying to get my promotions in order, I am so bad at the media side of things.  I will probably go with one of the less serious ones, but it's a nice shot of the corner of the gallery so I thought you might enjoy it.

Thank you again!  More soon,