My first evacuation due to Natural Disaster!

Published on 2018-08-26


So so so behind on all fronts.  I had an absolutely crazy month.  My dog of 15 years, Lucy, passed away as wildfires approached our home (yes, the above photo was our view), we evacuated the next day and I was living out of a small hotel room with no AC for the next week.  Talk about things you don't plan for!

Luckily everyone is home safely now, with no damage to the neighborhood.  I love living at the foot of a mountain chain, but it was a strange experience for someone who grew up in a city.

Luckily thanks to technology we were able to keep a lot moving remotely: Aurora is finished, and in the packaging design stage; the Infernal Creatures book is at the printer; and the advance copies of Carl Otto Czeschka should be arriving in under two weeks!

I'm going to put together a post next about what we are doing with Brazilian artist Renato Crepaldi for The Orchid Garden folios...

Thank you for everything!