Next book.

Published on 2018-03-29


We just got back from Wondercon in Anaheim, and it was so wonderful to overhear people saying "I have this book- it's great! I backed it on Kickstarter!" 

The second volume of our books on Der Orchideengarten, titled Sinister Harvest, is shipping out this week, and I'm hard at work on the next book- it's the third and completes the artworks from the year 1919.  (The year 1919 had 18 issues, with some of the later ones being double-sized combination releases.)

When I was first planning the books I envisioned three volumes in total (one covering each year 1919-1921), with only the best artworks from each year represented.  But while preparing the materials I realized that so many of the artworks I had perceived as "lesser" were just as important historically, so the idea evolved into  a series of books that contain ALL of the artworks that appear between the covers of Der Orchideengarten.

I saw someone on Instagram comment that they felt these books should have been edited, but on this one it felt right to err in the direction of being a completist.  I suppose the market (on Kickstarter) will show if that was a good decision or not! 

Personally, I felt fortunate to see ALL of the artworks from the magazine first, and then move from there to having preferences.  That's what, in this series, I wanted to provide as an experience.

The third book will be titled Eldritch Bloom.  (When first mapping out the titles I had one for each year... but now I've used all three for the books covering 1919 - I need to come up with more!)

I'm finishing the cover now, and I thought you'd like to see it in progress!

Thank you so much for being a part of my archival process.  More soon!


ps- I tried to make this a private post, but Drip isn't allowing me the option.  I tried twice!  They are clearly still working out the kinks in the program!