The author of a very important children's book needs our help!

Published on 2018-08-26

Hey guys-

One thing that happened when we were evacuated because of the fire here is that we went to a street fair in Oceanside, where we were staying.  My four-year old son had lost his dog, been evacuated, just had a rough couple of days- so we wanted to take him out to have fun.

Some guy at a booth for a financial company (Thrivent, in case you're interested in boycotting someone) offered him a piggy bank and then asked Melissa and I "have you thought about what would happen if one of you died?"  We walked him away, but Tommy got so so upset and we had to spend the rest of the night assuring him that we weren't going to die.

So the whole watching-a-kid-process-the-death-of-a-parent thing has been on my mind a lot.

Tonight, I was scanning Kickstarter (we put at least 5% of what we raise into supporting other campaigns) and I found this really fantastic project:

I always look at projects that need a little help.  Most people look at Kickstarter like it's a magic wand, and so most of the ones I see in the "destined to fail" category are really poorly planned, both in their idea and their pledge tiers.  This is probably one of those.  I feel in some ways it isn't suprising that this one is stalled; it doesn't look like she knows how to promote, and she's definitely not Kickstarter-savvy.


Her book is done, it just needs funding for a second print, the reviews are great, and the subject matter is very very important.

So to be clear: I don't know her, but I am asking you to help me help her.

I just pledged $300 to push this.

If you could even toss $5 in to help her book happen, I would sincerely appreciate it.  And if you are a parent, or know one, please order a copy!  Maybe order one for a friend?  Or just get a couple and donate them to your local school's library.

And I will add this: if you order her book (whether you keep it or give it away) I will send you a copy of any of our paperback books and you just pay for shipping ($5 in the US).

I think this book is really, really special and that it's important to have books like this physically floating out there in the world, like messages in bottles.  We all have had experiences where things found us at the right time, and with another 1,000 copies of this book in existence, there's a really good chance that it will find its way into the hands of a child who needs it at a pivotal time in their lives.

Thanks for listening.


ps- here is a tintype photo of my really strange son and our really strange dog (Lucy, the one who just passed away).