The Death Orchid enamel pin- about the design

Published on 2018-01-23

I really enjoyed designing this. I took a small element from the cover of Der Orchideengarten issue #7 (1919) and adapted it into a bold, linear design that would lend itself to the melting of enamel into the metal recesses of a pin. I also took the stem and created an oval element to support the flower, and made it monochrome so that it felt subtle and mature and elegant.

I played with a few different permutations of the pin: some looked a bit "young" and creepy-fun (like a purple flower, or soft enamel, or making the orchid stem colored), but in the end I decided to make something that felt like a piece of truly fine jewellery from 1919. From a distance, it looks like a beautiful orchid... but as people get closer they see that this flower bites!

It was more expensive to produce it like this, but seeing one person wearing this on a nice suit or dress at an event will make me boundlessly happy. And of course I hope people put these on their book bags or satchels! Knowing that it was made with an attention to quality that could weather a black tie event was worth the couple of days that it spent to perfect this.

I just took this photo to update the current Der Orchideengarten Kickstarter campaign and thought you'd like to know the thought that went into the design!