Planet Femme: Positive Stories from the Future!

Hi there!

My name is Chloé Rossetti. I make performances, films, videos, and texts that affirm life by looking beyond capitalism's one-way path to extinction!

Harnessing my experience as a queer permaculturist, gender hybrid, immigrant, and descendent of stregas, I manifest a vision of humanity as a regenerative presence on our planet. To that end, I've been worldbuilding a multimodal work of speculative fiction titled Planet Femme, which posits a positive and decolonizing vision of the future. This project exists as a novel-in-progress, a series of performances, and a short film called SUNRIDER, which functions as a prologue to further films in this world

On my profile, I will include sneak peeks of the above and other Planet Femme projects, as well as humor-based performances and character work. You'll also see excerpts from my background research, which includes WWOOFing around Canada, tent-living with Sufis in the New Mexico desert, communing with femmes in radical faerie sanctuaries, and getting ecosensual in nature!

 So friends, please enjoy my Drip! Through your support, I will expand SUNRIDER into a feature film and novel, and make more work that explores these themes. If you feel moved to subscribe, I'll reward you handsomely with scripts, novel chunks, video rants, and sneak peeks. Plus exciting perks at the higher tiers!


Please check out my website here.

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