My 35mm short film, SUNRIDER (2018)

Published on 2018-07-19

Here is my short film, SUNRIDER. Enjoy! More soon, thanks to your generous donations.

A description and credits are below. You can see more at the film’s IMDB page here. Additionally, SUNRIDER has been officially selected for Les Femmes Underground International Film Festival, the schedule for which can be seen here.


"...and so the pilots, called Sundriders, became a conduit between Aurora’s artificial intelligence and their people; those who lived on and tended to the terraformed asteroid earthship, one of six, then five, of their kind. Though in truth the Sunriders were more than mere pilots or messengers in Aurora’s eyes: they were at once their children, parents, doulas, siblings, and lovers..."

—Allen Sagewell, "An Account of Aurora and Their People," 2369

“Their name is AURORA, and they harbor a fifth of the earth’s survivors…”

SUNRIDER explores the lives of a group of earth’s survivors, living regenerative lifeways on terraformed asteroid earthships. A refugee AI program forms the godlike embodied consciousness of each earthship. 

On this particular earthship, their name is AURORA. A group of humans, called Sunriders, pilot the earthships by connecting with the AI, while others tend to the complex, interlocking, closed loop ecosystems patchworked arklike over the terrain.

SUNRIDER was conceived, written, shot and produced in Brooklyn, NY, USA, on a budget of less than $5000. The film was conceived, written, directed and produced by an AFAB nonbinary artist, with a predominantly LGBTQ/POC/GNC/trans* cast and crew (sound, music, costume, title design, visual FX). Though these identities were central to the process of creating SUNRIDER, the content of the film transcends identity and genre.

Written and Directed by Chloé Rossetti


Dameka Hayes as Laila

Summer Minerva as Terra

Jarrette'Kai Pelton as Maaya

Feathers Wise and Jax Jackson as AURORA

Produced by Chloé Rossetti

Music by Feathers Wise

Cinematography by Kenny Suleimanagich

Film Editing by Zev Aaron

Costume Design by Tilly Wolfe and Cilium

Makeup by Feathers Wise

Assistant Directed by Linus Ignatius

Sound editing by Tim Korn and Jennifer Ruffalo of Dungeon Beach

Visual Effects by AJ Russo

Assistant Camera by Steve Cossman

Wardrobe by Tilly D Wolfe

Sound Engineering and Soundtrack production by Eva Lawitts and Chris Krasnow of Wonderpark Studios

Shot on location at the Wyckoff Farmhouse Museum

Special thanks to Brad Calcaterra and the STUDIO

Special thanks to MONO NO AWARE