Welcome to Cops and Monsters!

Published on 2018-10-02

Welcome to the Cops and Monsters Drip on Kickstarter!

Welcome to my drip! You can choose to be a subscriber to my work and in turn, "Cops and Monsters". If you select a Tier you will be given the reward chosen every month, and in return for your support, we'll be able to make more episodes of Cops and Monsters. 

Here we will post about the production and creation of the 2nd series of our supernatural police thriller, dubbed "Uprising", as well as the progress of getting the word out there for our first series, which is currently on Amazon Prime!

Thanks to Kickstarter we successfully raised over £15,000 to shoot series 1 - consisting of 8 episodes, varying in length from 8 minutes to 24 minutes.

We are now trying to raise £25,000 to shoot 5 x 20 minute episodes of series 2 which will be made available on Amazon Prime UK, US and Amazon Instant Video.

Episode 1 of "Uprising", written by BAFTA winner Debbie Moon, was crowdfunded via Kickstarter earlier in the year and we will be releasing the new episode on October 31st.

Then hopefully we can start to raise the £25,000 needed to shoot episodes 2-6.

As we go we'll post our progress, artwork, script pages, behind the scenes videos, photos and news!