5/5 Collective & Residency

Published on 2018-09-14

The Collective
5/5 (fivefifths) is a collective born from a desire to recognize, support, and make visible the diversity of Black experiences, and to encourage dialogue(s) amongst artists which otherwise feels absent from institutional art spaces. 5/5 was co-founded by Tania Balan-Gaubert, Troy Chew and Nkiruka Oparah during their MFA at California College of the Arts. 5/5 is dedicated to exploring Black(ness) as an idea, consciousness, reference, and embodied experience through language, conversation and visual culture.

Current Practice
5/5 aims to disrupt the idea of a formal gallery space by curating exhibitions according to five pillars known only to its founding members. Each project is curated based on the space, ritual, intuition, and current research.

Organized by Addy Rabinovitch and Jay Katelansky. This residency fund is established in memory of Trudy Bailey Huston. Photos courtesy of 5/5 Collective