Last chance for the lining of forgetting!

Published on 2019-07-18

Closing Reception and Performance
Friday, July 19, 7-10pm

Join us for the closing reception of the lining of forgetting by Holly McHugh and tamara suarez porras. The evening will also include a performance by tamara suarez porras of "there was a great silence, part 1," a 2-channel performative lecture staging a conversation with the artist's mother about the truth about her paternity.

Accessibility information:

When entering from the Hollis Street entrance there are no steps and it accessible by wheel chair and/or scooter. On the 34th street entrance there are 8 steps measuring about 7" each. Street parking is available on Hollis, 34th and the surrounding area. CTRL+SHFT is close to both West Oakland (1.8 miles) and MacArthur (1.2 miles) Bart station, a 1 minute (348 foot) walk to the 29 AC transit bus, and the 57 AC transit bus is a 7 min walk (.2 miles) away.

We have two gender neutral restrooms. One in our main gallery area and the other one in the hallway of the common space of the building. The restroom in the common space is ADA accessible. CTRL+SHFT is not a scent-free environment.