I am Ryan Eagle Music. I am creating a new genre of music that is unique to myself and my experiences in life.

You have entered my domain. I have entered yours. Our spirits have finally aligned. I wrote this hoping to reach that person who stumbles upon my story.

 I am a man from Austin, TX. I have seen the world and the wonders it has to offer. There are many more secrets to unfold within this sphere that we dwell on. I am not unique any way form or fashion. Everyone is a cliche and an imitation. What sets us apart is whether or not we choose to accept this fact. 

My music is what guides me through this maze called life. My music will live longer than me. That is why I do it. I want the world to know that a man named: "Damon Scott Miller, Jr." once roamed this earth. But that is the name that my parents gave me. The name I chose is: "Ryan Eagle".  This name is an ode to a friend who left this earth way too soon. It is how I honor him and the beautiful life that he lived. I hope to enter into the beautiful life that you live with my music. I hope that the time and effort that I put in as a poet, artist and a musician can fill your life with joy even if just for a second. I hope it can make you ponder on things that weren't on your mind before you listened. I have a few goals with my music. I want it to inspire creativity. I want it to provide for my family. I want it to enrich the culture that I claim, that gave so much to me. My culture gave me an identity. It gave me a sense of purpose. I only hope to give this back to my culture and to be a proud member of my people and my family. 

Aside from the whimsical, there are certain things that one must do to flourish and live a healthy artistic life. A person has to feed himself and those he takes care of. These are the basic principles of being a man. My father did this for me, and my grandfather did it for him. 

Anyone who chooses to support my journey will get a firsthand look at my process for creating music. They will be along for the experience more so than someone who is just here to catch a few songs and judge whether or not they like it. I am past the point of seeking validation from others in my life and in my music. I am on the journey to do something truly unique and groundbreaking. Whether or not you believe that is up to you; I don't care. I must keep moving forward no matter what. 

I will leave you with my mantra that God himself bestowed upon me: " God has written my destiny in song, he has written my destiny on the wings of life. I am destined to fly as far as those wings can go with no limitations."

For an example of my lastest work please visit my bandcamp page and listen to my EP: "Angels that pray for you"

Over the years since 2015 I have created 10 albums. Some experimental, conceptual and straight laced albums. I really have the goal to create a vinyl record containg the best of these ten albums that will be funded by this page. I want the mastering and mixing to be exactly right for vinyl as if it were created in the original time period of the vinyl records. putting music online is great and satisfying because you have worldwide distribution at your fingertips. But there is just something about the vinyl record that as a musician (even if you aren't famous and known by the masses) makes you feel like "I have made it".  This would help me to reach my goal of having my music be a tangible asset.

If you are still reading this, I thank you dearly for giving me the time to tell you a brief part of my story. 

God Bless,

Damon Scott Miller, Jr.

Ryan Eagle Music

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