A New Season of Design Matters Starts Today!

Published on 2018-09-29

Hello my dear Drip friends and supporters!

A brand new season of Design Matters is starting today; my first episode is with author and former Vice Chairman of GE, the extraordinary Beth Comstock!

I have so many wonderful guests coming up; they include:

Patricia Cronin, Legendary Artist and Sculptor

Michael Ovitz, Mega-Entrepreneur and Author of the amazing new book, Who Is Michael Ovitz?

Paul Sahre, Designer and Author of the new book, Two-Dimensional Man

Christina Tosi, Author, chef and founder of MilkBar

Pete Souza, President Obama’s official photographer

Anne Lamott, Author of the new book, Almost Everything: Notes on Hope

Josh Higgins, Executive Creative Director, Facebook

Thelma Golden, Director and Chief Curator of The Studio Museum of Harlem

Alice Rawsthorn, Author and Design Critic, and author of the new book, Design As An Attitude

Scott Belsky, Author of the new book The Messy Middle, Founder of Behance and Chief Product Officer, Adobe

Sarah Kay, Award-Winning Poet



I have a load of live shows! They include:

Anand Ghiridardas, Author of the new book, Winners Take All

Giorgia Lupi, Author of the new book, Observe, Collect, Draw, Designer and Data Humanist

Ayanna James, Costume Designer and Stylist

Martyna Majok, Pulitzer-prize Winning Playwright

Ingrid Fetel Lee, Designer and Founder of the Aesthetics of Joy

Eddie Opara, Graphic Designer and Partner in the design firm Pentagram

Albert Watson, Photographer

Bo Burnham and Elsie Fisher, Director and Star of the new film Eighth Grade

Adam Goldberg, actor, filmmaker and creator of  the new photography book and vinyl-LP set HOME: A Nice Place To Visit 

Don Norman, internet entrepreneur


I think it is going to be a spectacular season and I have YOU TO THANK for continuing to support the show. If you'd like to come in to see any of the episodes being taped, please let me know. You can reach me at debbiemillman@gmail.com.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! And remember, we can talk about making a difference, we can make a difference or we can do both.