Design Matters with CATIE LAZARUS

Published on 2017-12-11

As you probably know, I’m endlessly fascinated by work and career. Not only what creative people think about their jobs, but how the twists and turns of their lives explain who they are. My fascination is shared by another host: comic and comedy writer Catie Lazarus. In front of a live audience Joe’s Pub in New York City, Catie interviews actors, comedians, media stars and writers about work. Jon Hamm talks about how he struggled as an actor in his 20s. Zadie Smith explains how she once flirted with being a cabaret singer and then sings for the audience. Keegan Michael-Kay talks about improvising with President Obama for The White House Correspondence Dinner. The conversations are also available as a podcast titled Employee of the Month. Catie Lazarus joined me on Design Matters to talk about her own career as a writer and comedian. Transcript coming soon!